Buyer's Premium

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) all items sold as is. Content condition and authenticity are unknown. No guarantees or warranties expressed or implied. No refunds or exchanges will be given. No assumptions should be made about any items in this auction. Buyer is responsible to have inspected thoroughly the merchandise and satisfied themselves of its quantity, condition, value, title and bid based upon that judgment solely. Sellers, Owners and independent associates of Warren Liquidation Auction & Resale LLC reserve the right to bid. 15% buyer's premium on all purchases.  Buyer must take possession of items on scheduled pick up day, no exceptions. Payment by Cash must be EXACT CHANGE only, Visa, MasterCard or other approved cards must be paid through your dash board via online payment powered by Square. Failure to take possession of items or pay the full balance of an invoice owed whether winning bidder takes possession of items won or not, may result in late/storage fees and utilization of a third-party collection agency and initiate further action that may result in legal proceedings. Buyer is financially obligated for items purchased whether buyer takes possession of items won or not.